Give us a definition of GOD

A def­i­n­i­tion, real­ly?

How much time have you got?

Not much -

Well let’s make a start

Well God is  an absolute state

that blows your mind

and speech just CAN NOT  define

But hey, I’ll give it a shot -

So when present in this


God is


which to me and you means

Exis­tence-Knowl­edge and Bliss

And get this

God’s an enti­ty not affect­ed by

Time, Space and Cau­sa­tion

Caus­ing him/her to be  Real­i­ty

But son

the ques­tion is who are we

and the answer is sim­ple

we are the parts of real­i­ty

that got entan­gled

in the three

Time, Space and Cau­sa­tion

break­ing away and becom­ing indi­vid­ual souls

Jivat­mans is the word in the Gita trans­la­tion

And to get back to our GOD  our Real­i­ty

We churn ceas­less activ­i­ty called Kar­ma

But ceas­less activ­i­ty or Kar­ma hap­pens by Will

All wills com­bine and resolve into the Will to Live

As we are souls bro­ken from exis­tence

We  act on the embed­ded code of exis­tence

To pre­serve life in the the face of death.

And because of our exer­tion we exist

God is devo­tion, pure and sweet

Which is pure Bliss

Ugh! Enough of the mushy emo­tion

(Sor­ry, I just could­n’t resist)

God is knowl­edge with­out which

we would­n’t know we exist

With grow­ing knowl­edge

We find under­stand­ing,

And with grow­ing under­stand­ing

We find love and there­fore Bliss!

SO God is Exis­tence, Knowl­edge and Bliss.

I’ve round up the Gita so I hope you get the gist?

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