Speak out ONLY what is in your mind but keep it clean 2

To cut the crap out of your life

Only say what is true in your mind

Har­mo­nize your thought, word and actu­al deed

Reduce the con­fu­sion for your­self

And every­one else PLEASE!.

Don’t be like many

Who think one way,

Speak in anoth­er

And then act in yet anoth­er way.

Man, don’t split the per­son­al­i­ty

and shat­ter your integri­ty

and lose your char­ac­ter

So speak out what’s in your mind

Don’t cre­ate no con­flict

Between your word and deed

Or  You will fall

And come CRASHING DOWN with speed

Inspired by the ancient wis­dom of the Gita  — chap­ter 2 Samkhya Yoga

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2 thoughts on “Speak out ONLY what is in your mind but keep it clean

    • Ameeta Davis

      Thanks San­gi­ta for the rock­ing com­ment.
      Got two teenagers who are curi­ous but find the actu­al Gita too wordy and The war of the cousins to be ‘out there’. So learnt to talk about it in speak that’s direct for them.
      The words are not mine to take cred­it, they are in the Gita — well ‘crap’ isn’t — that’s mine.