My Imagined Fall And Disgrace 2

Drowned in dis­tress

With tears of sheer despon­den­cy

I cry mer­cy, please no more com­pas­sion

I was born with self con­trol and aus­ter­i­ty

Yet life’s pleas­antries led me to believe in want­i­ng more

And now

My mind has become con­fused

Los­ing all bal­ance

Inca­pable of inquir­ing into truth.

What­ev­er I utter now

Has no dis­crim­i­na­tion

I han­ker for fame and a laud­able life

You say

if I fail to face my life’s dif­fi­cult junc­ture,

I’m unfit for the here and here­after.

Aghast I turn, and find you my  friend

I say,

please tell me in def­i­nite words

what  for me is good?

I’m between (preyas) pleas­ant and (shreyas) good’s cross­roads

You say, I grieve because  I pan­der to my sens­es.

You tell me to

Let go and stand

stead­fast in my duty with no pre­tens­es

You shout

Con­trol your mind it screens the truth

A man or woman giv­en to fear achieves nought

Engage in your duty because if you don’t

All the good you did before will be for­got­ten

and  the very peo­ple  who loved you before

will ridicule and say you’ve virtues have rot­ten

So sta­tus and mon­ey all sen­so­ry objects

Are just pleas­antries

Which you can­not afford to wor­ry about

Stand tall and car­ry out your duty,

Treat­ing loss and gain

Hap­pi­ness and pain

vic­to­ry  and defeat alike.

Engage in this bat­tle of good and you will incur no sin.

And remem­ber your wor­ries, your false woes you can right now  bin!

(inspired by Samkya yoga from the Gita when Arjun is despon­dent and asks Krish­na to clar­i­fy the dif­fer­ence between pleas­ant and good.)

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