Brian Cox helped me see the the light!

Ouch!  I’ve tripped on a wire in the dark…

Who’s here in my room!




You’re mak­ing no sense

Ok, in that case I AM Light (I flick the switch, so it’s nice and bright)

You’re what?

In the Old Tes­ta­ment God gives his name to Moses as: I AM THAT I AM, or in today’s lin­go I AM WHO I AM

So based on what I said ear­li­er if God is in us then I AM

Fine ok, we are back on that…. I accept for now you are… I AM… (Confusing)…but what about the light?

How do we know there was a Big Bang?


IS your answer going to be long?

No – Bri­an Cox on TV

Explained it in

Sim­ple terms and real­ly slow

And so I know -

After the Big Bang

The whole Uni­verse was flood

With incred­i­bly bright light

As the Uni­verse expand­ed, the light was con­vert­ed into microwave light’

I inter­ject; he can go on and on…

I saw that BBC show too…

And through

A microwave tele­scope you can see the ancient light and gas­es

And your point being?

So if sci­en­tists say the Big Bang is the cre­ation of life because of the light…

I get it…Then I AM is light

So switch on the light

Stay in the light and you’ and I will not fall in the dark!

(This was inspired by Bri­an Cox, BBC and Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (much missed and no longer with us)

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