The clichés over used — God is everywhere, God lives in our heart, my body is my temple.… 2

The clichés

Are the fruit

Of knowl­edge


Sim­ple and so true

Yet you mock them

For their length

So let’s go

For the long

Gnarly root

First of all

Remove your

Blink­ers of Images

Of God

And now remove

The lay­man label

Of God


Let’s go!

Meet the Imper­ish­able

The absolute real­i­ty

It does not wear the

Coat of time

It is not lim­it­ed by space

And it is not affect­ed by any action

It is like the back­drop In your cin­e­ma hall

Which remains

The same


The screen­ing time

Of the movie and


It remains the same

Despite the

Rapid mov­ing

Shots of






So in short the

Changes in the uni­verse

Impact not the back­ground sub­stra­tum

On which it is based

Thus the sub­stra­tum

remains itself

The imper­ish­able

The supreme

You will agree

The sun’s base nature is

To beam

The base nature of the


Is to

Appear in the many beings

Who are alive


Cre­at­ed by action — kar­ma

Using the invis­i­ble ele­ments of air fire, water and earth

To Cre­ate a vis­i­ble struc­ture

Some call it the tem­ple

Now the imper­ish­able

Fills the being

And is not affect­ed

By the liv­ing deed

And when death comes

It leaves

Remem­ber the

Imper­ish­able is supreme

Which many in this world

Call God

When you realise you are


Part of all the con­scious­ness in all beings

You lose your indi­vid­u­al­i­ty

And do the self less act

That is the

Rub­ber stamp


The Supreme

The Divine


Too many

Words have I used

To explain

The sim­ple cliqu

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