In pitch darkness do I disappear?


Are you sure?

But if there’s  no light?

How can you tell?

Say it out loud ami­go…

You cog­nise it 

You have the knowl­edge — the light 

Inside of you

You don’t need  phys­i­cal light

To tell your self you exist.

Your self exists if there is light or dark­ness

It ain’t improved by the pres­ence of sun­light

Self aware­ness  is self evi­dent

So   Know your  light — 

Of con­scious­ness or God (the title of pref­er­ence is yours but sub it for he)

 Need not be looked for 

Coz its in you

If you can’t see it in you

If you can’t cog­nise it

Then it ain’t out there

If you see the light in you

You see it every­where!

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