Milk, Cheese and Buttermilk — That’s Us!

Imag­ine you are


You cog­nize God  as


-On the  high­er shelf

As sep­a­rate and ‘Great’


You don’t know why

But you feel

There is a con­nec­tion

You know you  once felt  whole

Felt part of some­thing Immense.”

You won­der,

Could Cheese have been part of it too?

No! You swirl in your dis­be­lief

You just can­not con­ceive

That  you were ever ‘togeth­er’

Cheese has all the ‘good­ness’

and you

Are  just ‘the remain­der’

Your But­ter­milk ego

Would rather

Deny the exis­tence of


Eas­i­ly done

It’s on a high shelf

You pre­tend

Not  to have seen

The Real­i­ty how­ev­er is

That both of you

Came from


( The Absolute Real­i­ty)

There was

No Cheese

No But­ter­milk

Just Milk

There was no indi­vid­u­al­i­ty.

No ‘God’ and ‘Nature’

Just  Pure Con­scious­ness

Humans take heart-

Unlike Cheese and But­ter­milk

You are made back

Into one…



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