Don’t take the stairs!

If I strive to be

A bet­ter per­son

Then at the end

I’ll be with thee.


I climb the stairs

One, two and three.

I lapse
In my strive.

And my con­fi­dence

Takes a dive.

And I won­der

If I’m no longer

Wor­thy of love

And allowed to be free.

I go down a few steps.

I feel sor­row.

I’m still

On the low­er rungs

Many years or lives lat­er…

I make it to the top.

But  before I can

Open the door

To the pent­house

I hear a


And stop.

The ele­va­tor doors open
And a man walks out.

He waits polite­ly to fol­low me in.

I am angry.

I feel scorn.

I’ve shown my courage.

My strive and toil

Got me here.
And I’m proud

I’m bet­ter than him.

I hold myself back
I’ll enter


The man shrugs

And opens the doors.

I won­der


The Lazy lout

Is allowed through.

And then upon me

It dawn

He trav­elled up the floors

In noth­ing

But his birth­suit

And pure  belief

In the  divine.

A great courage it took

To strip him­self of every­thing.

To come

All hum­ble and bare.

Oh no!

I can­not go in -

My ego is still there!

I run down the stairs

The many flights

I took so long to climb

Over many years or lives…


I am back in the foy­er.

I walk to the ele­va­tor.

Read the note

And do

What it says.

I press the

Divine love’s but­ton

And feel light

As I trav­el

Past the stairs.

I meet the eyes of

An angry man

His mouth

Splut­ter­ing and fum­ing.

I smile

He shrugs

And He lets me

Go in.

Before I close the doors.

I hear foot­steps retreat.

If only

He and I

When down­stairs

Had let go of our egos

And be com­plete

With Belief and love

If only we

Had been con­scious

Of the heap

Of clothes

On a seat.

If only

We had read the note:

Enter naked -

Leave your per­son­al ‘I’ behind.

If only we had read the large bold let­ters that said:

That’s your ego in case you did­n’t know!

My note to the next per­son

Who cares

To stands out­side the buidling:

If you love with­out excep­tion and are  hum­ble

Then show your immense courage

And leave all behind.

Don’t think man!

Take it from me

Just take the ele­va­tor

And ban

the Stairs!

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