Nearly Fallen Victim of Flattery and Gone Off My Aim 2

Oops the love from face­book

Has giv­en me

Con­fi­dence to car­ry on writ­ing


I am dis­tract­ed

In watch­ing the rat­ings.

I was dis­tract­ed

From my pur­pose of clear think­ing!

Man, there is truth in the words

Harsh words have not done so much harm

As undue com­pli­ments have done.’

What­sapp and Face­book friends,

Speak your ben­e­fi­cial and pleas­ant words

And I will lis­ten and learn.

From now on

I shall

Keep a seren­i­ty of mind


Silence (Hard for me, since I am excitable)

Self con­trol

And Puri­ty of thought

This will be my men­tal aus­ter­i­ty.

For con­trol­ling the mind

Is supe­ri­or to con­trol­ling the tongue and the body

Take a note

From the peace lead­ers of the past

Whose pure minds

Expressed them­selves as words and actions.

They had mas­tery of their mind

And nev­er uttered an unwant­ed word

Or took an unde­sir­able action.

The man or woman

Who prac­tis­es this mind­set -

Desires no fruit

And is a Sattvi­ka

A per­son of truth.

Come join me

In aim­ing high and

Seek­ing the

Aus­ter­i­ty of the benign.

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