How Do You Deal With Struggle? 3

In the mid­dle of your strug­gle

Do you pout your lips?

Do you shed a tear?

Do you stamp your feet?

Do you feel pathet­ic?

And rant – why me?

Is your best friend


Do you think

It’s some­one else’s fault?

Do you think it’s yours?

Do you see strug­gle as mis­for­tune?

If you have said Yes

To any of the above

Go ahead

Lie down and Cry

Fling your arms and legs about.

Had enough?

All ‘spent’?

Now stretch a hand taut and

Slap your­self!

Go on,

Do it again!

And again until

You get it in your head

The STRUGGLE is the


Time to shine.

It sig­ni­fies

A time to learn

To find true pur­pose

To wade

Through the depths

Of pain.

Oh Man! You are ready





Beyond your belief

Oh Man!

You get to make a major


In your life.

Even if the pain results in

Some­thing seem­ing­ly bad

You will find

You have changed


And in time

You will realise

You have removed

The shack­les of rep­e­ti­tion

And the point­less liv­ing

Man you have a

Pur­pose and a rea­son to live

You are ahead

And now no one

Can touch you

Fear­less and undaunt­ed

Every­thing is a dod­dle and easy.

Between your mag­nets

Some­where between the Taj Mahal and Eifel Tow­er


Strug­gle Always Has Pur­pose Mak­ing The Pain Worth IT!

So next time

You are

On the verge


Embrace it

Love it

And think


Of the for­tu­nate adven­ture

Sure to Come.


No Pain –No Gain

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3 thoughts on “How Do You Deal With Struggle?

    • Ameeta Davis

      Jo when you embrace the strug­gle and see it as the clos­est
      Step to a shift. If you feel fear then it is because it is a sig­nal to a change — a sig­nif­i­cant change and many times it’s a good,one but some­times it’s a bad thing but when you face it, you realise you just have to step through it, one action at a time. Watch­ing my par­ents walk away and leave me on my,own — Rekha was with them scared me but I focused on find­ing my bed with attaché case on it. There was a sweet left on it.

    • Ameeta Davis

      The rest is his­to­ry when I final­ly learnt to embrace the change I had the best time of
      My life- it took a few
      Years to under­stand I was not going to make my way home. That’s when I found a wealth of
      Friends- you lot.