How To Conquer Your Day


In each moment

Think of 

How your

High­er self

Will tack­le your task

Or what you face.
Find pur­pose and beau­ty 

In the small actions

You con­scious­ly take.
Your flaws

Will melt away.

Love and grat­i­tude

Will take their place.

Switch off your social media

And Your inbox.

Stop allow­ing oth­ers to dic­tate 

Your day.

Write three tar­gets in the morn­ing

Choose with whom 

You must

Active­ly com­mu­ni­cate 

And play.

Plen­ty of water

To keep the mind 

Alert and alive.

Remem­ber to tick the tar­get list off

And don’t sleep late.

Total sleep hours should be eight.
Above all, 


Of the Day,

At all times 

Keep faith.
(This is inspired by Bran­don Bur­chard, the Gita and DirtySci­FiBud­dha)

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