How to make your dream your reality

First of all

Dream big!


But wait, lis­ten care­ful­ly…

When you dream

Don’t be vague.

A dream made through


Should be strong

Should sail in all winds


Oth­er­wise it’s just

A part of sleep.

Be firm,

Have high aspi­ra­tions.

Work back­wards

To estab­lish the small goals

One rung at a time

To where you are.

Don’t look at your present

Your unful­filled real­i­ty.

Fall! Yes Fall!

You’ve got to fall

To know your

Dreams are big and tall.

Friends you dare to dream

So ‘shift’ your­self off the floor.

Don’t lis­ten to those on the side.

Pick your­self up.

Dust your­self down.

Adjust your

Lad­der by a few inch­es

Or try a new strat­e­gy.

And I promise you

One day you will soar.

Unlike the fly stuck on the win­dow

A few inch­es away from an open door.

One last thing…

I for­got the mag­i­cal dust…

Believe from the moment

Of it’s con­cep­tion

Your dream is

Your real­i­ty.


Just because you can’t see it

That does­n’t make it untrue

Pro­fuse­ly say thank you and

soon the oth­ers

The scep­tics

Will DROOL!!



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