I Can’t Change That — It’s The Personality I Was Born With!


Not true…so not true

Man did you know

Your bad habit

Is noth­ing more

Than an

Inher­ent Trait?


Duh! Of course it is

And That’s Why

It can’t be changed.



I knew you would

Com­fort your­self

With that BULLSHIT!



An inher­ent trait

Is noth­ing more


Per­sis­tent prac­tice.


Don’t shake your head!

You prac­tised

To be so good

At being so bad

By telling your­self

Per­pet­u­al Sto­ries

And Excused your­self

But its not too late.


Do your­self a favour

First change your prac­tice.

Then Reli­gious­ly

Prac­tise your

New Indi­vid­u­al­i­ty.


Keep Prac­tis­ing


Remem­ber before ten con­tin­u­ous days

It will not become habit­u­al.

Keep prac­tis­ing till it’s auto­mat­ic

And can be seen as your per­son­al­i­ty trait.


You already know this…

Brief and spo­radic

Does not Suc­ceed.



Pro­long your prac­tise

To make a far reach­ing change.

And you will

Elim­i­nate sor­row

And gain

Abid­ing hap­pi­ness and rich­es

And even that gor­geous date.



Drink the Poi­son

At the begin­ning

To get the

Nec­tar at the end.


Umm I’m lis­ten­ing But  give me an exam­ple

Of this poi­son to nec­tar

Which can relate

To every­one.


Let me think…

Ok here goes.

So a begin­ner swim­mer

Dreads the water

Like it is death… poi­son

But as he learns

Swim­ming it becomes a

Delight — nec­tar

That will

Save his Life!

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