Today’s quotes make much of journeys

Yeah! I know! I’m sure I’ve writ­ten about the impor­tance of the spir­i­tu­al jour­ney

but answer me this — Will the child mak­ing the jour­ney to Dis­ney­land love it more than Dis­ney­land?  No way!  He will wail over your mes­sage about the lessons learnt on the jour­ney  being more impor­tant than the actu­al des­ti­na­tion of his heroes.

Noth­ing beats Mick­y’s face shoved close to yours. (This is the child in me speak­ing)

So please after your jour­ney of doing good works and ser­vices etc. don’t for­get to sur­ren­der you ego for pure con­scious­ness and actu­al­ly com­plete the jour­ney.

As Sri Ramkr­ish­na said “To be engaged in kar­ma is not the goal of life; it is only  a means to attain God­hood.  DO NOT  MISTAKE THE MEANS FOR THE END. THE ROAD TO A TOWN  IS NOT ITSELF THAT TOWN. (me speak­ing now: or Dis­ney)

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