Creative Visualization

Watch a child and learn to cre­ate your world for ‘Real’. Remem­ber the world is not so real. It real­ly has no  bound­aries. As Jesus said:

All things are pos­si­ble.”

I imag­ined my visions on the blank white pil­lar just under­neath a pic­ture of a door with a Christ­mas gar­land on it. A typ­i­cal exam­ple of an Eng­lish Christ­mas card.

I heard the birds in my thought and I saw then acorns on the oak trees. I  ate one in my pro­jec­tion  and decid­ed to leave it to the squir­rels. Yuk! The squir­rels  scam­pered and the tawny owl’s call was pierc­ing…


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