Check Your Meter


Me: Excuse me I’ve come to check your meter.

Him: Which one? Elec­tric­i­ty, water or gas?

Me: Sor­ry sir, you mis­un­der­stand — I’ve come to check YOUR meter. (tap­ping his head)

Him: (He push­es me off) Are you crazy, I’m not a robot  or a machine.

Me: True sir but your Ego has got out of hand, you seem to be on the chas­ing set­ting. Actu­al­ly may I ask rather than force an inspec­tion in your head, what exact­ly are you chas­ing in your life?

Him: Fine, just stay away from me.

Me:(I step back)

Him: The usual…the car, the mon­ey, the career, the sassy gals, the lifestyle of my dreams…

Me: Thought so! (I peer thought­ful­ly in my tool­box asnd with my head still under the lid  I speak) I get what you are chas­ing but Why?

Him: Why? Isn’t it obvi­ous? (He is look­ing hard to see what I take out of my tool­box- good)

Me:No. (I lift my head and smile)

Him: I’m chas­ing  all of those because it will make me whole.

Me: (I take out my X ray  gog­gles and walk around HIM) I can’t see the hole you are fill­ing.

Him: Get off me!  There’s not a phys­i­cal  hole.  But that does­n’t mean I’m still unwhole. 

Me: (I look at him incred­u­lous­ly and think  that’s not a word but still I pre­cede) Ah!!You are one of those.. Let’s see how big your gap is between  what you have and what you want PHEW! (I use his shoul­ders and to his aston­ish­ment climb on them and fid­dle above his head whilst tug­ging at dis­con­nect­ed invis­i­ble wires)

Me: Sor­ry to tell you but you are com­plete and with­out much effort you exist, But what a messy thinker you are…All the things you have asked for — are cre­at­ed for you and already exist. In fact they are lit­er­al­ly lit­ter­ing the one con­scious­ness.

Him: ( He tilts his head  in shock as I sit on his shoul­ders)

Me: Hand me the water­ing can. (In a stu­por he pass­es me one ) Okay so what we need is a thor­ough soak­ing of grat­i­tude and a plunger too clear the con­gest­ed heart so the love and grat­i­tude can flow. (Still dazed he pass­es the plunger and the tool­box.)

Him: What are you doing to me now?(he is agi­tat­ed by the vig­or­ous tweak­ing of his body)

Me: (I smile and get out a pneu­mat­ic drill.)

Him: Oh no you don’t…What’s that for? (He’s phys­i­cal­ly shak­ing — mis­sion accom­plished.  It’s  a good start and is usu­al­ly enough — the drill is just a prop)

Him: (Whist scared his whole body is vibrat­ing and the grat­i­tude and the love are mixed in.)

Me: (I col­lect my tools and wink at him and then give him a short elec­tric shock) Ser­vice all com­plete — your meter is run­ning at a high vibra­tion in line with your desires. I’ve topped you with grat­i­tude and love and now it s for you to  keep your  vibra­tions high. All deep desires are instant­ly ful­filled. (I bare­ly fin­ished my sen­tence and a car came wheel­ing towards him).


A/N We all vibrate as do our desires (proved by sci­en­tists now). If our ques­tion lies at a dif­fer­ent vibra­tion to our answer we don’t receive the answer. These things  work in the  same man­ner as radio fre­quen­cies. It’s para­mount that the receiv­er and sender are on the same fre­quen­cy to com­mu­ni­cate.  Most impor­tant­ly of all, for you receive in the first place, you have to accept that you are wor­thy of receiv­ing. If not, you are caus­ing the con­scious­ness to stock­pile  your wants.


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