What if Earth is your playground? 2

(A con­scious child asks its sub­con­scious ‘Self’ on

the inside of the gat­ed play­ground asks)

I under­stand I  am one con­scious­ness

I get it

Sure I do.

But tell me

If I had eter­nal love

What am I doing here

All con­fused?

Why would I choose

To sep­a­rate my ‘Self’

To become host­ed

In the many

Chang­ing bod­ies

Espe­cial­ly since

Not one sin­gle body

Could hold

One jot of Me?

(The unman­i­fest­ed Self sighs and explains just as it did many times before)

The truth is

You are love and part of every­thing.

(The con­scious mind glazes over)

Tell me

Can you  a child sit tight

And watch some­one else play?

What would you do if 

If you saw Lego lying around?

I would dive in…



But here’s the thing

To play you have to be

In phys­i­cal form.

A phys­i­cal form

With prim­i­tive cog­ni­tion.

When we come here

You can express

and exper­i­ment

with ideas and dreams


Sor­ry ‘Self’

I’m not con­vinced.

Why aren’t we hap­py then?


But we are!

Ini­tial­ly at least…

Show me a child

In any part of the world

If fed and housed

Does not smile, love and play

A child does not know the bar­ri­ers

And hap­pi­ly hop­scotch­es

between them.

So what changes?

The child is forced  to

Walk between the lines

Devel­op fear of the world

Con­di­tions are put 

Fools fur­ther away

In years from their source

Tell him how it real­ly is’

He unlearns uncon­di­ton­al love

But in some­place deep

He knows it to be true

And craves it

For he knew he had it once.


Now I have remind­ed you

That you are love

And loved uncon­di­ton­al­ly

So don’t lis­ten to any­one

Who says oth­er­wise.

Play your games

Live to the full

For you real­ly did choose to come here.


When you are done

You will return to Love

And I promise you

You will be the

first to skip through

This gate and

jump back

On to the

Tram­po­line of Life.

The con­scious child

wan­ders back to the play­ground

to play but this time with­out fear 

No bar­ri­ers does it find 

It sees its prob­lems

As thing it can solve

And Con­quer.



At the end of the day

Uncon­di­tion­al love 

Is at the gate

And will always for­ev­er stay. 

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