Dream Awakened

I sug­gest that while you are awake, you view this two-thirds por­tion of your life as a dream.… Learn to live in the mys­tery (one uni­ver­sal sub­con­scious mind) mak­ing every effort to use all your men­tal and feel­ing pow­ers to man­i­fest the life you desire, all the while stay­ing in an uncom­pro­mised state of love. WAYNE DYER: WISHES FULFILLED.

This is what I read today when I woke up after wak­ing up. In my video I explain the impact of the words and the chal­lenge I intend to take on.

What will you man­i­fest in the next month?Fee free to type your dreams in the com­ments below and take action with me.


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