Attract Wealth or Poverty — The choice is yours to make and accept

We have a mag­net­ic field


So we attract and repel 

Accord­ing to our con­cep­tions and beliefs


By using our minds


Our thoughts cre­ates vibra­tions 

That attract oth­ers vibrat­ing on a sim­i­lar fre­quen­cy

And even­tu­al­ly they cre­ate the thing in the vibrat­ed image

How does the repelling bit work then?


The oppo­site of your thought

Is auto­mat­i­cal­ly repelled

Fair enough but what is your REAL point?


Oh just that

Habits built on one’s pover­ty and lack of

Keep cre­at­ing such sit­u­a­tions



Ask the many lot­tery win­ners who now live in pover­ty.

Mate, it ain’t, mon­ey that makes suc­cess

It’s the think­ing that makes you the MAN!

The wealthy regard mon­ey as part of them

Ans see it as their divine right

As much as the lack of mon­ey

Is part of the man who was born in pover­ty


Nah! It’s luck man…what about the guys in coun­cil flats who make it big?

Glad you brought that up

They thought pos­i­tive­ly about mon­ey and when they got it 

They got pos­i­tive thoughts of con­fi­dence and faith


So what should  I do?

Man,  to alter your life,

You got­ta alter your think­ing.


What­ev­er  you choose and  accept

The Uni­ver­sal sub­con­scious mind will  cre­ate


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