You are not your successes and failures

Did I hear you lament you are a fail­ure

Yet just yes­ter­day you said you were a suc­cess?

It’s not what I say but the proof lies before you 

In my exams results.

Ah! The exam results…

And by the grade or points you

Have decid­ed this

So tomor­row when you resit and improve

You become a suc­cess?

Of course!

So why wor­ry?

You your­self have shown

Suc­cess and fail­ure

Is unre­al, fick­le and

Appears and dis­ap­pears in moments of time


Daugh­ters and Sons

Realise this

Only the unre­al changes

While the real nev­er ceas­es to be

Your Atman

Your true self

Your aware­ness

Is  untouched

Just like the lim­it­less  space

Where neb­u­la gas­es  appear

Hav­oc they may play

But none can divide the space

In just the same man­ner

Noth­ing can  be added or delet­ed from

Your Atman, Your aware­ness

You remain mighty

Part of an infi­nite con­scious­ness

Not a sin­gle suc­cess or fail­ure

Will ever define you

For they will appear and then dis­ap­pear




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