Being Limitless 2

This time my blog is not based on my own inter­pre­ta­tion of one con­scious­ness. Instead it is based on  a pro­gramme I attend­ed called

Being Lim­it­less  which is cre­at­ed by One World Acad­e­my .

My fel­low stu­dents came from all parts of the UK and Europe and we all had one thing in com­mon:

 We all want­ed to stop liv­ing a lim­it­ed life and to live in a beau­ti­ful state so we can be  lim­it­less beings.

Def­i­n­i­tion of a Beau­ti­ful State

  • In this state there is no inner con­flict.
  • There is no divi­sion
  • you are con­nect­ed with more than one self.

Now I have always liked GIVING but have been ter­ri­ble at RECEIVING except in this one instance when my child­hood friend treat­ed me to the course and even the hotel stay… gen­eros­i­ty beyond words.

How You Breathe mat­ters and a great deal of atten­tion is put on observ­ing your breath.

You also look at your Inner Truth. Most peo­ple think it means absolute truth but actu­al­ly means:

Know your­self at any giv­en point of time.

Dur­ing our jour­ney of learn­ing many gems of  clear think­ing were pro­vid­ed. It is cru­cial that you under­stand that none of them are attached to reli­gion how­ev­er they are based on prac­ti­cal exam­ples of liv­ing and per­son­al insights of the founders who are enlight­ened souls.

Spir­i­tu­al Con­nec­tion

This is impor­tant and it means:

To cel­e­brate the oth­er that exists in your life (not just your part­ner)

You must learn not to be lost in your pre­oc­cu­pa­tion with your­self but to put your­self in oth­er’s present state whether that is joy or sor­row and show com­pas­sion.

If you like what I have writ­ten then I sug­gest you got to the One World Acad­e­my web­site and book on one of the cours­es. There is one in Frank­furt this com­ing week­end.

I would like to leave you with a gift our teach­ers, Samadar­shani­ji and Krish­nara­jji gave us to share with you. The gift is a pow­er­ful dai­ly med­i­ta­tion which helps you:

  • Move into expan­sive con­scious­ness
  • Man­i­fest your heart­felt inten­tion.

Dis­claimer: If  I have unwit­ting­ly breached any copy­right issues I hope you will for­give me and let me know so I can cor­rect my error.


P.S. We all are capa­ble of liv­ing a life with no lim­i­ta­tions.

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