Focus on your breath to breathe and banish all thoughts.

Peo­ple have often asked how  I am always upbeat even when the chips are down.

I nor­mal­ly unhelp­ful­ly say I don’t know any oth­er way.

Rather than think  I guess I try  to be cre­ative in the present moment and focus on one thing or step.But this year has been hard,  with every month bring­ing  a new chal­lenge of health and wealth and strug­gle with life choic­es.

This month has been the worst, with both par­ents diag­nosed with can­cer with­in a week of each oth­er and both my cars being writ­ten off due to wear and tear when the fam­i­ly need­ed them most. I was due to look for work but now I an delayed as I have come to look after my par­ents who live in anoth­er city from where I live.

I tried the well test­ed way of cry­ing, but my face got too blotchy and throat hurt too much so instead I decid­ed to do one thing.

I checked into my breath­ing and cocooned myself so not a sin­gle thought could pass.  I only had to deal with one thing at a time and in that time it was breath­ing.

I used my soul­sync med­i­ta­tion prac­tice that I men­tioned in an ear­li­er post.

The hum­ming sound lift­ed my spir­its and the Ahem chant lead me nice­ly to my inten­tion. Nor­mal­ly I grasp this moment and guilt free chuck out my deep desire but this time I could­n’t think of what I need­ed, even though I had a long list. The real­i­sa­tion of the truth I’ve always known came to the fore­front of my mind.

What­ev­er is best for you will be pro­vid­ed auto­mat­i­cal­ly — just be vig­i­lant and be thank­ful for what­ev­er state you are in.

Tomor­row we are meet­ing my father’s sur­geon and my own car is going to be giv­en a final deci­sion. My father believes I should wor­ry, but like the tears my thoughts will only be use­less and impact my body.  Whilst I can’t fix my father’s ill­ness,  I hope I can prag­mat­i­cal­ly deal with it. The car on the oth­er hand will allow me to think cre­ative­ly.   I choose to be present today and my intent today is to light the diyas for Diwali.  Hap­py Diwali every­one. Let their be light in all your life.

soul sync med­i­ta­tion

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