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My sev­en­teen year old daugh­ter usu­al­ly qui­et, takes off her ear phones while pick­ing up her lightsaber chop­sticks and says   “My friends were lament­ing on how unlucky our gen­er­a­tion is.… WE ARE TOO LATE TO EXPLORE THE WORLD FREELY WE ARE TOO EARLY TO EXPLORE SPACE I just said […]

What will we explore? My lightsaber seventeen year old asks

To make an ever­last­ing impact you need a team (or army) to sup­port and make your vision become a real­i­ty and get you there quick­er. Plant your fam­i­ly in the cen­tre of your ambi­tion. They  will not hold you back as many lament, but instead they con­tribute and cat­a­pult you […]

3 essential ingredients to make a big impact

Today watch­ing  a Rich Litvin coach­ing ses­sion, I realised some­thing about myself that was in com­mon with his client and is prob­a­bly true for you too —  We don’t recog­nise our­selves in oth­er peo­ple’s inspi­ra­tional sto­ries about us. Rich asked Jamie his client what did he think of the intro­duc­tion […]

Not fitting into your own story