Not fitting into your own story

Today watch­ing  a Rich Litvin coach­ing ses­sion, I realised some­thing about myself that was in com­mon with his client and is prob­a­bly true for you too —  We don’t recog­nise our­selves in oth­er peo­ple’s inspi­ra­tional sto­ries about us.

Rich asked Jamie his client what did he think of the intro­duc­tion he gave about him and Jamie’s reply was, “I love that intro­duc­tion!” when asked how it made him feel he replied, “I want to be that guy, he sounds so cool! I for­get the jour­ney to this present moment. It’s only when some­one says it back to you that you can see it so much clear­er.”


Jamie then turned the expert when he said:

I’ve always felt the nat­ur­al leader and have risen to any occa­sion dan­ger­ous or not to lead.” (He was an elite mil­i­tary div­er usu­al­ly strapped with explo­sives and div­ing below 2 hun­dred feet)

Although Jamie knew he had an extra­or­di­nary life, he went on to tell us about his epiphany after an acci­dent:

In his always being a leader, he’d nev­er got to learn because he was always teach­ing and coach­ing. Since then he makes it a prac­tice to drop a step back from the extra­or­di­nary, so he can learn and allow him­self to be impact­ed.

For me Amee­ta Davis he’s now the true extra­or­di­naire.

Thank you Rich and Jamie.


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