3 essential ingredients to make a big impact

Rome was not built in a day…nor was it con­jured by one soul and mind.

  1. To make an ever­last­ing impact you need a team (or army) to sup­port and make your vision become a real­i­ty and get you there quick­er.
  2. Plant your fam­i­ly in the cen­tre of your ambi­tion. They  will not hold you back as many lament, but instead they con­tribute and cat­a­pult you fur­ther.
  3. Keep you and your team’s well being in the fore­front. A sick body can not think clear­ly or keep up the pace.

Once you’ve man­aged  the above then:

Keep evolv­ing and edg­ing your­self out of your com­fort zone to where you are uncom­fort­able, ner­vous and excit­ed. (The Romans sol­diers lost their WHY? at the end and became too com­fort­able)

This is why I rec­om­mend coach­es. There is no time for pro­cras­ti­nat­ing or being over busy and doing point­less things. Coach­es call you on your ‘bull­shit’ and an extra­or­di­nary one reminds you of your extra­or­di­nary self and vision at all times.

The above comes from study­ing politi­cians, entre­pre­neurs and world thought lead­ers.

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