When effort is effortless life

Row, row, row your boat 

Gen­tly down the stream

Mer­ri­ly, mer­ri­ly, mer­ri­ly

Life is but a dream…

A West­ern rhyme of my child­hood that helped a fif­teen year old under­stand the sim­plic­i­ty of action described in the Gita.

I remem­ber being real­ly wound up by Arju­na at the begin­ning of the Gita. I mean come on! There is this amaz­ing dude who is insane­ly pow­er­ful, even his teach­ers favour him over all their prince­ly pupils. He’s even done the all right­eous thing of remain­ing undis­cov­ered in exile in a for­est of wild things to pay his broth­er’s gam­bling debt. Yet when it comes to fight the right­eous war to win back what belongs to his broth­ers. He starts back­ing out. Why?

Because he’s over think­ing it. He sees the war he has to wage as his to do based on his ego and men­ta­tions — point­less regur­gi­tat­ing thoughts chucked on by soci­ety.

No man, sit back in the boat I shout, the vision and thought comes from beyond you. It just needs you to gen­tly row the boat, it wants you to be the con­duit. If not you then some­one else. These ideas of great deeds are not born in us they are infi­nite divine ideas wait­ing to emerge through us if only we  are open to them. The only effort required here is to have the inten­tion to sail forth, by  first unfurl­ing the sails so the jour­ney is short­ened and sped up.

Krish­na explains to Arju­na that the greedy broth­ers and all that war against him are going to die because of Krish­na any­how, He  tells Arju­na that he is just the earth­ly body through which Krish­na choos­es to car­ry the slaugh­ter.  Arju­na under­stands this much lat­er after much mop­ing that all he has to do his fol­low his pur­pose and allow the inspi­ra­tion in this case Krish­na to pull him into right action.

I’m no Krish­na or Arju­na but it is pret­ty clear:

Wake up with joy, stay open to the gems of inspi­ra­tion that fit in with what rings true un your gut and allow your­self to be pulled effort­less­ly into real thought (no old thoughts)  and action.


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